Branding & Product Photography

I was assigned to create a magazine. The expectations of this brief included subject selection, branding and content creation.
I decided to create a footwear magazine. As the main purpose of this magazine is to provide the readers with news andupdates related to the footwear industry, I decided to name it as Freshwear. When it came to designing the logo, I searched for a font that contain a combination of rounded body and sharp edges in order to match the magazine agile identity.
After defining the brand identity, I went on to creating the magazine content. As the brand itself says fresh-wear, I wanted to create a photography direction that can be timeless, clean and give that fresh feeling.
Once the photography style was accomplished, I started working on how the info this magazine provides can be displayed across page layouts. I used inter family font for the headers and body text due to its clarity, readability and versality.